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Suburban trains are now running in

Chicago about on schedule time.


[Special to Republican ]

CHICAGO, July 10.-2 p. m.-John J.

Hannahan, vice-grand master of the1

Brotherhood of Ixicomotive Firemenu' association has been arrested, charged with interfering with inter-state com- merce. He gave 83,000 bail. The

government officials say they have a good



CHICAGO, July 10,1 p. m.—There is in-

tense anxiety in Chicago at this hour. Pullman absolutely refuses if arbitrate All organized laboi is said to be ready to quit to-morrow. Neither side is reced- ing. The seven hundred feet bridge on

the Monon road was burned over Calu- met river to day, stopping traffic three miles south of the citj.


[Special to the Kpi'UBj i< AN ]

CHICAGO, July 10—1 p. m.—General

Miles, when asked to-day regarding the report that President Cleveland would declare martial law throughout the

United States, replied "Perhaps." That was all he said. This is taken to mean that such action is likely.


{hpeclal to Keimbllcan.l

CINCINNATI, July 10.—The entire yard

force of the Big Four road quit this morning. They demand restoration of old wages.


f S]»clal tothe Keintlillcao.!

O.r July lO.-President

McBride says the miners will not strike.


[Special to tlie RepuMlcamJ

DETROIT, Mich., July 10.—The strik-

ers to-day resumed work at the Union station.

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[Special to the EBTOBLICAN.J

CHICAGO, July 10.—1 p. m.—Thirty-

eight cars of meat were moved at the Stock Yards under military guard. The mob stoned the trainmen, who were promptly rescued by the militia. They drove the rioters pff.


[Special to the Republican]

CHICAGO, July 10.—1 p. m. Judge


special to Republican.

CHICAGO, July lOi, 2:58 p. nv-Piwri-

dent Sovereign, of the Knights of

Labor, says order catting on* Knights* may not be issued until to-morrow, al though he is working on it.

Use Whits Foam.

Manufactured by the HaffifcU Milling Co.,

~ ..!•'«*«* A i

Grosscup is expected to day to charge grand jury to arrest Debs who is not fearful of such a movement. More troops arrived to day from the west.


rsiiecl.il to Kepnblican )

CHICAGO, July 10—The Railway Gen-

eral Managers leport ihat most of the passenger trains are tunning, and that eight freight trains have been sent out.


(SrK( 1A1. ) 01 HE RFt'UBI K AN.]

SACRAMENTO, Cal., July 10.-The situ-

ation is extremely critical. Fourteen,

hundred strikers are arming to hold the depot against the Regulars, who are now preparing to leave San Francisco to rout them. A bloody conflict is certain.

MP.« YE, the wife of the Corean Charge d' Affaire* at Washington, has so far emancipated herself from the con- ventionality that hedges in a woman m her own country that she now plays the piano, runs a sewing machine and speaks English -and her husband is proud of it all, too. __________

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V Hpecial to the Republican.

I//CHICAGO. July 10.—President Mc- Brlde, of the United Mine Workers As- sociation, has stated that although in sympathy with the Railway Union he is not authorized to order a general strike.

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IT is unfortunate {or the people and

also for the cause of labor that the state of Illinois has a governor who iaa mountebank and cares more for politics than he does for the good order of the state, the laws of which he is sworn to execute while he is not sworn to do the silly things he has been doing.

How to Build a House.

Mr. Lincoln in an address to a com-

mittee of workingmen from New York in 1864 said: ''Let not him who is house leas pull down the house of ano'ther, but let him labor diligently and build for himself, thus by example assuring that his own shall be safe from violence when built." Here is the whole prob-

lem of success in a nutshell.

No man can build a house for himself,

or accumulate property, except by economy and good management. The man who earns and receives $2 a day, or the man who earns $5 a day, or the man who earns 810 a day and saves none of it can never build a house. On the con-

trary, the man who gets but $2 a day and saves one-half or one-fourth of it

can accumulate and become independ- ent, while he who receives five or ten dollars a day, and spends it as fast as he gets it, is not as well off as the frugal citizen who receives but two dollars and saves money all the time. Houses are built and money laid up by frugality and not by tearing down the houses of another, nor by coveting that which another hasaccumulated. Then, as Mr. Lincoln suggests, if we who have no houses were to adopt a plan of pulling down other peoples houses in order to get houses of our own, it would be use less to build them as there would be no security for them after we had them.

The anarchistic or socialistic Dema

gogue who teaches an opposite doctrine, is a public enemy and the friend of no- body, and for that reason the incen- diary war waged by partisans, for

political effect, or by social

iste for anarchistic effect on

capital, must result in injury to the very people who are made to believe that il will prove beneficial to them

There is no government in this world

where there are such opportunities for the frugal and careful laborer to make himself independent as this govern- ment. In the life of this govern men 1 millions of workingmen, who began life penniless, have become independent by saving their own earnings and by judi cioue investment. This fact, which will not be denied, shows that millions more can do the same. In Europe the man who is a shoemaker is always a shoe maker. It is necessarily so in that coun- try, but it is not true in this country, Any man of ordinary observation knows it is not true here, for in any community men in comfortable circumstances may be pointed-out, by scores., Who began life penniless.

Governments are not formed to give

men a living, but to protect nun in earning a living, and to secure them in their savings. Government may create conditions that increases the demand for labor and thus stimulate the em ployment of labor, but it cannot force men either to take advantage of such conditions or save their money. This is the business of the citizen himself. The idea of making somebody divide, which has been instilled into many of our peo- ple by a false philosophy, is pernicious and dangerous to any form of govern- ment, and if carried out to the extent •bridging individual security and free dam, the very people who advocate it

would be the first to cry out

against it.


(From our Regular Correspondent)

WASHIHOXOH, July 10.1891.

Republicans in the senate and house

to a man support Mr. Cleveland in the

d Kie has taken against anarchy and

in favor,of law and order, but, to their shame, tie it recorded, there are quite a number of Democrat* in congress who stand with^the protesting Democratic and Populists governors against the action of the administration. Among

iia opponents ere, of course, the moat of* tbe extreme stated righto Democrats, and the Populists, whose BOOM have done more to •pnwd of anarchy in this all otliercauaM combined.

of the rightfulneaa or wroagfottoMi o the original strikew against tbe PwH man company, beoame a secondary con sideration with everybody lite moment the free passage of th*U. ft »•»« waa obstructed and the authority of U. 8. court* defied.

The U. S. government has nothing

whatever to do witfi" the strikes of em ployee against individuals or corpora- tions, but it has everything to do with the right* of the pefcpie of the several atetes to communicate with and to do business with each other at will, and Mr. Cleveland would have neglected his sworn duty had he done less than be has done. It isn't the rights of the strikers that are at stake, bat the very life of republican institutions in Amarica. For tunately the number of men in Congress who are opposed to the position of the administration is too small to be a factor in any Congressional action that may become necessary, and as long as Mr. Cleveland stands for the preservation ol law and order and maintaining the dig nity and authority of the U. 8- govern ment he can count upon the support oi Congress and of nine-tenths of the

people regardless of their political opinions. There is no politics in the

present situation; It is Americanism against anarchy.

It is clear that the Democratic mem

here of the senate committee that inves" tigated the sugar trust scandal are in no hurry to get their report before the sen- ate, having failed to get either Senators Lodge, Davis or Allen to agree to a meaningless support that would practi- cally dismiss the whole matter. The Republican senators propose making a report that will be in keeping with the evidence taken, and owing to the ex treme nature of some conclusions drawn by Senator Allen he will probably make a separate report devoted largely to showing that the money which the sugai trust people admitted having contributed to state Democratic committees was actually used to help the National Dem ocratic ticket and was so intended to be used. The Republican report will only agree with .that of the Democratic sena tors in one thing—it will exonerate Sec- retary Cai lisle from any blame for hav- ing at the request of Senator Jones written that sugar schedule. It will

then show that the sugar trust con trolled the making of the sugar schedule of the tariff bill and the passing of the bill. The report will make the most in- teresting sort of [campaign document, and the Republican congressional cam paign committee will see that it gets widely circulated.

The conference committee on the tariff

bill held its first meeting to-day, in the Senate finance committee room. If the applause which the Democrats of the House gave Mr. Wilson, chairman of the ways and means committee, when he attacked the 643 Senate amendments to the tariff bill, meant anything it meant that the House is going- to make a hard fight to knock out every one of those amendments which raises the duty which puts a duty upon articles whi were put on the free list by the original Wilson bill. Upon the result of that fight depends the fate of the tariff bill. If it is successful it is believed that the bill is doomed, unless the Gorman-Brice combine shall abjectly surrender, as every member of it has openly stated that they would not vote for the bill without the amendments they demanded and obtained from the Senate. It must not be forgotten that a loss of three votes in the Senate means the final de- feat of the bill. The Republicans are not, of course, expecting anything quite so good as that, but they will not be sur- prised if it happens, and you may be sure that they will do nothing to make the fight between the House and the Senate less bitter.

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linnet upoo-havlns " !•• IKingluc shot'H. >UUHI

.anu prlc« itauipod on

bottom. .Brockton Mass.

i the sale of W. L. Douglas Shoes gain customers,

the sales on their full line of goods. They «D

id bdtora TOB «•• MTC mercy br boylor *n roar I btiew. CubOociM flee upon application. H. W. Waggoner & Co.


Too ran bur It at ftnr first class frroeerv Floor taken from standard grade took Firil Premium Kt World'* Fair, Parts, over th« flour from the most renowned mills of Americt and Barope. Award made by expert judvtr




. KIDNEY (orrtadns no Poison. Keid'3 German Pills cure

Coustlpctlon and Malaria.

Sylvan Cum purifies the breath.

fatte Itepufcttam

EUDXB IULLI/8 »L* **"ifi.?i2?ia"

"" ' 1 -. , Sunday evening Elder Geo. F. H* Malls the Best Bread, had avery ^



Sale Still Continues.

Ho New Wheat in Pfflstrory's

Best .Hour.

had a very arg Christian tabernacle to hear his thud and last sermon in toe series to young

take «(» eoradve. * ;£jon we cw have Uttle more^ toaakof

Dont pay board, young


Development" In the i- —-

der Hall quoted some familiar «nee from an unknown author—

U«JTI«I*A* vat VMt buufili

flaencesot . noble wife. Every man's Uomeiahisc-rtle. Itshould be made. veritable citadel of strength and a gar-

Out of

Caurefc as a



See our Suits at $1.38. l-6S>

3.4o—Knee pants suits, ages 4 to 14-

Blouse and Sailor suits at nearly

half price. BOYS' WAIST SALE.

Mothers' Friend, 5<>c quality f or 3pc. Our 7sc quality for 59C, and $1.00

waists for 790.

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$3.90, 5.90 and 7-90, worth fully one- third more.

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CEEAMO, Creamo. DEAD-SHOT fly paper at Irwin's.

CREAMO the newest. CEEAMO the most delicious, bwn-a Blackberry Balsam regulates

the bowels.

SMOKE the old reliable K. & W. cigars.

No man shouW be content with medi 3irsr.«M: sssitff^i.- ^^ .- and young woman.

elps toward thto end

T The Public Softool*. Here every- one has an equa«hance. God be^atoed for this day of free schools; teachers have well been called "the arbiter, of wr destiny and the assurance of our

•ity" May the time never come

' splendid system of public

bakery for al


Ottenheimer& Co.

Reliable Clothes, Hats and Furnishings,

ivorite Little Rose and They are always good.


Co., 153 Merchant St.

Go TO Henry Bros,

kinds of cakes, pies, etc.

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for wood pumps.iron and pump repairs.

INSPECT those elegant Haines Upright

pianos at the C.B. Prescott music house. No trouble to show the instruments.

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WE will make you any kind of a par-

lor suit you want. PatsVpwe ome dustry. BACHMAW BEOS. I MARTIN Co.

maraO-dtf LAND* H MARTIN has tendered his

resignation as mail carrier at the post, office. He will retire July 12th. He is the first Republican to go out.

THE Buyers' and Merchants' Benefit

Bureau saves you 4 per cent on your en fee living expenses. Call upon the man-

r L. Chodat and learn how.

schools Bii»u «w- -* - their powerful influence ror g«~. -™, American citizen should look with grave suspicion upon any movement that has in view the dissipation or ojerttoowof our educational system. I Ma. been

i said that wehave no standing army in HUB

1 country —«•• •* *• Mnie- We tavek

teachers and hundreds of thousands of



next the Sargent Chape

WillNot be Undersold!

All Summer Goods must

Go this month.

Ladies' Waists and Suits to Close Out Less than




Notice to Gasoline Consumers.

To those who purchase Gasoline Stoves of

us during the next thirty days we will sell Gasoline at

Ten Cents per Gallon,

in five gallon lots, delivered Our Gasoline_is

the best quality, is twice stnuned Mid M we do not handle coal oil we never mix the two. This will always keep your stove m good con- dition.

100 will picniu »" *"" SuptMcCarty will take the school out in hacks and the children will remain all day. The start from the Chapel will be at 8 a. m.

THE Spencer &Lehman company have

the exclusive agency for the celebrated Troy Carriage company's surreys, also for the Henney Buggy company s lull Se of goods. A full assortment of

carriages, buggies, road wagons, etc. constantly on hand. **-*-£«* ryk warranted. Ju" •°° "

\thecircuitcourt Stephen Ellis, of

A, %d Piatt county, has broueht suit aga et the City Electric Raft, * com- ptny, placing damages at WWJ\ His attorney is J.M. Newman, of fescola. Ellis was hit by a car near the depot in March, 1893, and had his left ankle so badly crushed that the leg had to be amputated below the knee. At the time Ellis met with the accident he was intoxicated.

RuDEthe tailor's prices for cleaning and

pressing; Suits cleaned and pressed pants cleaned and pressed 50c, suite Lured and pressed 82.50, pants scoured and r««ea 76C! repairing d all kinds, Work called for and delivered. Tele-

phone 262. Room G, Synd1Cate block.

MayH-dtf OFFICERS Simeral and Lord arrested

four young men last evening about 6 o'clock, who were out riding ma two horse rig and were acting ma disorderly manner. They had a keg of beer in the rear end of their buggy, and were tak- ing on in a very boisterous style. They narrowly missed runnton over pedes- trians in- the vicinity of the dopot^ All four were locked? up in Short Street station, but two furnished bond and were released. The otter two are still in hoc.

white school house on the hill is the best fort with which to guard our nations sacred interest*. There is little e«use forlgno^nce to-day. Don't get too big or t* o&fefp to school. Most young

people thinfc^must stop school at 20. But 30 would^a wiser limit, ftnd m numerous instances our colleges have been honored with still older students. This is a nation of schools, colleges, universities and all sorts of institutions of learning, and every young P**80""? the land should resolve to secure a good education before entering upon life.

2 Good Book*. Ben Johnson was once

asked, "Who is the most miserable man?" His reply was, "He who can not read on a rainy day." Oh, what m so helpful as a good book! You should spend much time reading. Bacon says, "Reading maketh a full man." » fills with knowledge, inspiration, noble re_ solve We should choose only good

books, and then read them with care. Never read a bad book. Such works as Dickens' "David Copperfield," Wallace's "Ben Hur," E. P. Roe's "Prom Jest to Earnest," Gieke's "Entering on I*fe, Tilley-e "Masters of the Situation, to- gether with the biographies of Wash- fngton, Lincoln, Garfield, Boecher, and other successful characters have helped

I never drew much help from

ment No man can be —•- to be in thto life without religion. Ho come to the Lord, and come eoon. Jesus will help you to the highest poaaiW* de- velopment, both in thto world and the world to come.


The City Council Votes to Have

the Orty Force Put in

Foil Time.

At the regular meeting of the city

council last night considerable *„.!„«.

W AlSdSS was granted permission to build an auditorium barn on the cor-

- the Hotel Brunswick,

nneer wring's report on the Can- street sewer improvement was

^TheWater and Light committee rec- ommended that a 2-inch water mmn be laid on Boyd street a distance of 3SO Set instead of a 4-inch pipe as asked for In Alderman Poster's resolution. Aid.

Stratton favored a 4-inch pipe, and tho matte? was referred back to the com-

^proposition to rob the electric towers to furnish an additional drop light for each ward in the city was re- ferred to the Water and L,ght com-


September Gran* Jurors Selected

-Other Boatneas.

The July mooting of the board of